No one can write his life with pen or pencil. It is written only in actions, and its seal is our character. We are put here to grow, and we ought to grow, and to use all the means of growth according to the laws of our being. The only real satisfaction there is, is to be growing up inwardly all the time, becoming more just, true, generous, simple, kind, and active. And this we can all do by doing each day’s work as well as we can.
Drop a pebble in water And its ripples reach out far: And the sunbeams dancing on them may reflect then to a star. Give a smile to someone passing. Thereby making his morning glad: It may greet you in the evening When your own heart may be sad. Do a deed Of simple kindness: Though its end you may not see. It may reach. Like widening ripples. Down a long eternity.

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We are storytellers. We aim at creating moments one can cherish and marvel at. Stories provide a fun experience for the children with real live human interaction. Stories stimulate reading for pleasure. Stories develop self-confidence in children and provide positive sharing experiences. Stories make our messages stick and create everlasting impression in the minds of children.Stories empower the children and connect us to them…

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Dipali Bhachech, a professional storyteller. Stories create an everlasting impression on the minds of children. Stories empower children and unlike any television show, movie, video game or app, storytelling provides a fun experience for children with real, live human interaction. Stories bring faith in the eyes of a child, love in his touch, and hope in his attitude. Stories help them discover what love really is, and, enjoy life with laughter.